About Me

My name is Joseph Collins and I am a recently retired IT professional who has had a passion for photography since acquiring my first camera in 1969. I will admit that until more recently I didn’t really take the time to work on improving my creative and technical skills. Like many, I would take snapshots while on vacation, at family gatherings, and etc. But, I always felt that I could do better. Now having begun that process, I decided to share what I am learning while I am on this journey.

“My goal is to get the images that I see in my mind’s eye out of the camera right the first time.”

If you are interested in participating with me on this journey I have set up a photo sharing group on Flickr. Please feel free to join the group, participate in group discussions, and upload your photos there as well. I would enjoy having you there.

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Feel free to contact me about the website. I’m interested in getting constructive feedback so that I can continually make improvements. Thank you  for visiting.