About My Photography Hobby Website

This site was created for the purpose of sharing my passion for photography. In addition, although a retired IT professional, I wanted to try and stay abreast of existing and emerging Internet based technologies. What better way to do that than by . . . than by taking photographs and building a website as a vehicle for sharing both of the things that I enjoy.

It will be my intent to share my thoughts about my images and comments will be welcomed . I hope to progress to a photo a day but that may be more than I can take on for now.

For those that may be interested it is my intention to share the ins-and-outs of the makeup of this website. A separate web page will be devoted to those technical details. Likewise, comments will be welcomed.

This website is best view at a 1024 pixel screen width or larger. However, the pages have a responsive design and will resize to a smaller screen size.